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Work Group Education and Training ___________________________________________

Theoretical background and training
for obtaining the requisite expertise
or qualification in radiation protection

in medicine, technics and
rescue service

Work Group Education and Training in Radiation Protection

Since 1960 the work group "Education and Training" at the Institute of Innovative Radiotherapy (iRT) has been organizing radiation protection courses which provide the theoretical background and practical training for obtaining the requisite expertise or technical qualification in radiation protection, which is required by German law for the use of ionizing radiation in the medical and technical field. There are basic, special and refresher courses that last between 1 and 7 days. Our courses and course certificates are officially recognized and are valid throughout Germany.

Being designed for various professional groups in the medical and technical field, up to now around 180,000 persons form all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland have visited our radiation protection courses, among them physicians, medical physics experts, technical radiology assistants, scientific and technical staff, as well as members of the police and fire brigades.

An overview of our courses you will find either listed by date in the Time schedule or by topic in the Course schedule .

Information about the required skills, qualification in radiation protection and so on can be found (in German language only) here: "FAQ".

With our lecturers being experts either from external institutions or research associates from the Institute of Radiation Protection and further institutes of the Department of Radiation Sciences (DRS) we ensure that new scientific developments and technologies are directly communicated to future users in hospitals, surgeries, fire brigades, police and many further areas.